Loose Leashed

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Consistent behavior achieved through fun and positive training

Ajax, On.

Training a dog requires a positive mind set and thoughtful leadership.

A dog shouldn't be punished for things it hasn't been taught.

If you want your dog to learn something, simply teach it in a positive way.


Breed: Rhodesian Ridgeback

DOB: February 22,  2011

Weight: 135lbs

Diet: Full Raw

Fav's: sleeping, perching, running along with the mountain bike, giving training demo's

Dislikes: swimming,  owners who use prong collars.

*Noteworthy:  was introduced as the first therapy dog at the Rouge Valley Health Center in Ajax, ON in Dec 2012.  (see Links page for more info)


Thanks for taking a moment to visit my site regarding positive dog training.

Hopefully from here you take away the benefits and rewards of positive training methods. 

You'll  realize there are positive options to consider which are fun,  logical, and comfortable for both you and your loveable pooch.